View, manage and share Vertex models online

Vertex Showroom version 1.0.00 will be released on November 1, 2019.

We want to thank all of our Beta Users for your valuable feedback.
All Beta Users Beware: After the release you need to update your Vertex CAD.
View, manage and share Vertex models online

Access Vertex models on any device

  • Collaborate with customers, partners and manufacturing teams.
  • Upload your Vertex CAD models to a secure cloud-based file sharing platform.
  • Browser based access from mobile phones, tablets, pc's and VR headsets.
  • View, rotate, zoom, clip and explore models.
  • Search components and CAD data.
  • Share 3D models via direct email links.
  • Use projection views for quick navigation.
Access Vertex models on any device

Keep your data safe

  • Share your models securely with your customers and partners.
  • You can share specific models in Showroom with anyone using links that require sign-in.
  • Users are notified by email with a direct link to the model in Vertex Showroom.
Keep your data safe

Benefits for construction industry

  • Access 3D models and component data on your mobile device.
  • Locate physical panel locations on-site with the search functionality.
  • Identify panels with barcodes.
  • Use your mobile device as a barcode scanner and improve material flow on-site.
  • Stay up to date with design changes.
  • Access information without a CAD software.
Benefits for construction industry

Benefits for kitchen industry

  • Close deals and boost your sales with virtual kitchen models.
  • Let your customer compare and select kitchen layouts on mobile devices.
  • Communicate easier with your clients by sharing kitchen models online.
  • Present various kitchen layouts to your clients in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Your clients can explore kitchens on their own pace.
Benefits for kitchen industry

Benefits for mechanical engineering

  • Faster collaboration between your design and manufacturing teams.
  • Share animated assembly instructions with your installation teams.
  • View and explode 3D assemblies on any device.
  • Educate your customers with product animations.
  • Access information without a CAD software.
  • Review the design with your customer.
Benefits for mechanical engineering

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